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  5. "Yes, mom is there."

"Yes, mom is there."

Translation:Так, мама там.

May 24, 2015



Why is it "так, мама там." and not "так, мама є там."???


Disclaimer, have only been learning Ukrainian for almost a fortnight :-o so take what I say with a pinch of salt (though I already spoke Russian which is closely related), BUT Ukrainian, like Russian (and Turkish and Hebrew and probably other languages!), usually omits "to be" in the present tense, when it's the copula (the sky is blue, mum is here, I am English). In this phrase, when you say "мама там", the "is" is understood.

(Ukrainian actually uses є more than Russian uses the equivalent as far as I can tell, but anyway, the simple answer is that you don't need to use it.)

ETA: This is about Russian and the rules (as far as I can tell) are not exactly the same, but they are similar enough to give you an overview of how East Slavic languages deal with the copula in the present tense http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_copula#Russian


We usually drop the word "to be" in present tense. It sounds a little either robotic or ancient if you speak like "мама є там" or "я є тут".


In my family, we have ALWAYS used the 'Є' in our speеch. I will still keep using it. So, please, Admin., 'allow' the use of 'Є' in a Ukrainian sentence and mark it 'correct', as other people still use the 'older' form and keep the 'to be'. Дякую!


Why is "Мама там є." Or "Мама є там." incorrect? You can also use these versions of "Yes, Mom IS there." in a sentence. They ARE also correct. (I have used it many times.) They should be accepted.


The last word is the emphasized one. Мама є там is rather odd, as modern Ukrainian does omit "to be". Мама там є really says that mom IS there, rather than she is not.


Сan't wait to learn an entire keyboard layout again!


Shouldn't "Да, мама там." be accepted also? Doesn't eastern-Ukrainians people use mostly "Да"?


No, Так is yes in Ukrainain


So how would you say mama is not there?


Мама не там - mama is not there, but somewhere else. Мами там немає - there is no mama there.


Так, там мама. Why is this incorrect? In a previous sentence, Mom is there is translated as там мама, I believe that the syntax of Slavic languages is pretty flexible. Plus, add a keyboard for those who don't have it.


Your sentence is pretty good. Although, I must attract your attention to the emphasis in the sentence. Mom is there (not in other place) is мама там. When you mean that MOM is there, not dad, you say там мама. The last word is emphasized.

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