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"Barna til mine onkler og tanter er mine søskenbarn."

Translation:The children of my uncles and aunts are my cousins.

May 24, 2015



Is this really correct? In Swedish, the children of my siblings are called "syskonbarn".


Yes. In norwegian we call the children of our uncles and aunts søskenbarn.

Note that when you're talking about male cousins fetter is used a lot and when you're talking about female cousins kusine is used a lot.


This is embarrassing, I even reported some errors for this!


I'm sure I'm reporting some of my mistakes as errors too.


Søsken = siblings yes.


Yes, but does "søskenbarn" really mean "cousin"? In Swedish it means nephew.


One more time.

Søsken - sibling

Søskenbarn, fetter (male), kusine(female) - Cousin

Nevø, niese - nephew, niece

"Merk at på moderne svensk er syskonbarn en betegnelse på ens bror eller søsters barn, det vi på norsk kaller nevø eller niese. I stedet bruker svenskene kusin om søskenbarn, uansett hvilket kjønn de har."


I am in shock :)!


To add to the confusion: I've heard people use the words "onkelbarn" and "tantebarn" to refer to their nieces and nephews - but which word to use depends on your own gender, not theirs. So I could call my nephews and nieces "mine onkelbarn", as I am their uncle. :)


Cmon, aunts and aunties. They are the same, no question.

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