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The duck trouble

Hej der!

Could anyone help me with the translation of a quote from Riget? I had English subtitles and did the translation from hearing, I'm not sure if it's correct.

I desire to be a duck, only a duck and nothing other than a duck. ||| Jeg ønsker om være en and, kun en and, og intet anden en and.

The most problematic part for me is the last one. After "intet anden" there isn't needed a word "than"?

May 24, 2015



Correct translation is: "Jeg ønsker at være en and, kun en and, og intet andet end en and."

3 small edit: 1. "to be" is "at være" in Danish 2. it is "andet" not "anden". It conjugates according to "intet" 3. As you say you need a word for "than" and that word is "end"


Yeah, I forgot it should be "at" and you're right, I listened to it more carefully and I could hear additional word which sounded like "an" which will be "end".

Tak så meget! :)

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