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How do you delete the languages you started to learn?

The first day I came on here, I picked all languages I could choose. Also, as I'm spanish I found funny to make the "advanced" test, which says i'm in level 4....... o_O Don't judge me xD Does someone know what I gotta do just to have on my ranking the languages I'm really studying? It's not very very important, but I just hate to see I'm studying like 6 languages at the same time... Oh! another question, if I delete some languages, I am allowed to do them again, right? I mean, in a while, when I get better in the ones I'm learning, I will be able to study another one, right? Thank you so much for your help!!!

September 27, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Go to that gear in the top right corner of your screen -> Settings -> Reset or remove languages

    And yes, you may restart a language or learn another language any time you want :)


    Done!! Muchisimas gracias^^

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