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Does someone know what level we will have once we're done with duolingo exercises? (of one language ofc)

I wonder what level will we have if we finish all the exercices of one language on Duolingo. I'd appreciate the level acording to the european mark reference, which are: A1 (super basic), A2 (basic+), B1.1 (you're ok), B1.2 (you can defend yourself pretty ok in any kind convers), B2,1 (advanced), B2.2 (advanced+) and C1 (native). Thank you so much for your help!

September 27, 2013



Only you can tell. I was in the effectiveness study (now going on a year old), and the pre- and post-tests had no listening/speaking component. Duo compares itself to a college class, but we all know (at least I know several) people with 3-4 semesters of college language that cannot carry on a conversation.

I do not think it is possible to accurately equate 'getting through the tree' with A2, B1, etc. A person can 'do all the worksheets' in just about any endeavor and may, or may not, have learned a great deal. You can Google around find a few placement tests that will give you an idea of where you are, but to know exactly where you are on the European reference, you'd need to take that test.


It does depend on the person. Although, I'm confused on what these b1.1, b1.2 and b2.1 and b2.2 since I've never heard of those before. I thought they went accordingly: A1 beginner A2 beginner B1 intermediate B2 intermediate C1 advanced C2 advanced

Any ways, I would suggest buying a DELF prep book after you've finished duolingo starting with a2 (since I think its a reasonable assumption that you could at least be close to an a2) and if you work through that and found it all very easy or at least good then I'd suggest moving up. :) I do also suggest doing more oral practice and oral comprehension since the duolingo website is lacking in this aspect and also conversing with people in french (whether it be by text/email, skype or whatever just to get some "real world" phrases going).

I hope that this helped, and I'm sorry if it didn't. Good luck with the french studies.

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