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"Do you know where to buy a good dictionary?"

Translation:Ви знаєте, де купити гарний словник?

May 24, 2015



Хороший / гарний you may say in that case.


привіт! хтось може сказати, чому "добрий" не правильний?


As a native speaker I'd rather use "гарний" or "хороший" instead of "добрий" in this situation, since "добрий" would mean "kind" almost in all instances. One exception that I can recall off top of my head, is when you refer to a unit of measurement and/or food, for instance "добра тарілка борщу" (meaning that the portion is quite large) or "добрий часник" (meaning that it has good taste or size).


There is a problem with this exercise. "Добрий" should be accepted. The word "гарний" actually means good-looking/beautiful.


"хороший" is also correct answer

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