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  5. "Nice to meet you, Victoria!"

"Nice to meet you, Victoria!"

Translation:Дуже приємно, Вікторія!

May 24, 2015



Why do you throw in a word I've never seen before and expect me to know its meaning!! Unfair!!


Once again, Дуже is NOT a choice below. Please fix it and stop marking me wrong all the time. You are killing all of my health and it's not fair.

[deactivated user]

    Absolutely, it did the same for me, and then introduced познайомитись without even mentioning it! (Although I already know it as the formal form of pleased to meet you)


    What is the meaning of познайомитись? I presume it's similar to приємно, but how are they different, and when you you choose one rather than the other? Дякую


    Познайомитись - meeting Приємно - nice, pleasant etc Приємно познайомитись - pleased to meet... Дякую - thank you


    You can also say the vocative case, "Вікторіє".


    How about nutland


    I guess this sentence is about Mrs Nuland.


    У меня нет таких букв и я не могу пройти левел сделайте как в испанском и французском недостающие буквы под текстом. Спасибо.

    [deactivated user]

      In other lessons they used дуже приємно and in this one they change it to приємно познайомитись , making me get it wrong twice they should accept either as a valid answer!


      This answer is not even in the options i got

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