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  5. "Esto no va a servir."

"Esto no va a servir."

Translation:This is not going to be useful.

September 27, 2013



I typed in "This is not going to work" and that was accepted.


Did you type in "This is not going to work", thinking "this is not going to work"?


This won't do works too.


Me, too. I was happily surprised DL said YES, even though i know in English that would be most common sentence to express that frustration. I was expecting the NO, OOPS thing, with something like "This is not going to serve."


Odd, because I tried the same translation and it was rejected. It might have been a typo or some other minor mistake, but the 'standard' translation is 'this is not going to be useful.'


How do you say: "he is not going to serve this"


"Él no va a servir esto." or "Esto no lo va a servir."

Not 100% sure about the second one, though, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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the second one is wrong


The second one means "This will not serve it/him/her"


both are correct. If the second sentence was "esto no le va a servir", it would mean "This won't be useful to him/her/you"


Ambas son correctas en español, si bien la primera es la que yo uso generalmente y la que en mi entorno más se usa.


I am getting gun shy and now am unsure of every response I make since so many are deemed incorrect for such small reasons. I realize that many of these have no direct translation but to be so close and to be rejected gets very tiresome.


Learning by correction of mistakes is fundamental--do not fear the red NO, OOPS banner! La bandera roja está nuestra amiga!

Without a few red NOs the green YES' are not as satisfying.

Plus...when I dare to hablar con latinos en público, yo siente una honra cuando ellos corregirme. By correcting the errors it means they've understood what I said!

And for me, personally, that is my goal: to communicate Now...if I were studying to be a teacher...un cuento diferente


Can I just say more comments need to mix Spanish and English like yours did. Too much Spanish would be hard for beginners to understand especially if they haven't come across those words in their vocabulary. Pero sólo lo suficiente palabras en español ayuda a reforzar lo que hemos aprendido.


Keep working at it and you will improve with time!


I have felt the same way, but I have also gradually come to realize that many of them are actually due to important nuances. It's very helpful to check these comments, though, so keep coming back.

I've seen a friend try out the German course, and it seems considerably worse in this regard than this Spanish course. But I believe the Spanish course has existed longer? And I assume the community uses these comments fields to improve on any mistakes that are being reported.


The German course has far fewer erroneous statements you have to guess at.

I learned Spanish before German for actual learning a language (not just say a few words in another language) and yet I have seen in almost 2 lessons a week, or more, mistakes in the Spanish version. I have only encountered 2 mistakes TOTAL in the German one and I have been playing them both for the same duration.


I wrote my previous comment a year ago :) Much may have changed.


Jack george, it's time for a funny idiom to lighten things up! "Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff!" HA! ;-)


I like that idiom. Yo voy a recordo eso


Sometime ive found my mind remembers errors more easily than whizzing through and "winning" thr excersize but not comprehending subtle hint learned by failing


I feel the same! - to be so close to the answer and get it wrong is tiresome.


I thought it translated to this will not be served


This is a really awkward sentence


In Spanish or English? It is not awkward English, IMO.


"This is not going to be useful" is normal, but the answer it originally gave me was "this is not going to serve," which I think sounds awkward.


Certainly doesn't sound English to me!


maybe "this is not going to be served" would be better.


it told me the correct response is "this is not going to serve". I find that awkward.


Ni en español


I agree with you . . . strange phraseology


"This is not going to help." -

Can it be also a correct translation?


Pretty sure they want "ayudar" for 'to help". Different meaning than 'servir'.


In google dictionary, one of the translations to the word 'servir' is also 'help'. I assume that this translation fits only to a part of the cases, and I feel that in this case it can fit well, but I don't know. Are a native spanish speaker?


I'm not a native speaker, sorry. Surely one of them could give a more definitive answer.

Check http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/servir and you'll see that there are some situations where servir can mean 'help', in the sense "que cada uno se sirva lo que prefiera -> help yourselves to whatever you like" or similar, but the primary meaning is 'to serve'.


In the example you give, it kind of really means "serve yourselves", like you say. What I pondered about was that one suggested correct answer was "this is not going to be helpful", while they reject "this is not going to help", even though the grammatical form actually corresponds better to the latter. I don't see the qualitative difference in those two English phrases -- I mean, I do, but not in a way that explains what I outlined here.

I suppose it kind of makes sense if we consider a translation of your example to "be helpful to yourselves to whatever you like".

In any case, your answers have been helpful. Gracias.


how about: This is of no use?


Have to use the "phrasal future" i.e. this is going to be of no use -or- this will be of no use

and I'm not sure that duo will accept those, but it is the same meaning as the correct translation


How do they get useful out of this sentence?


This new gadget is going to be really useful to me. It's going to serve me well.


"this is not going to do" works


"This is not going to be of use" marked wrong, I think unfairly.


I typed I am not going to serve this and it gave me wrong and give the answer as this I am not going to serve. Quite backwards


This is not going to serve makes no sense to me. It sounds stupid!!


"This is not going to be of use" was Wrong :(


What a lame sentence


¡Que lástima! ¡Que crueldad! ¡Le han forzado a VinceCange a aprender una frase endeble! ¿Qué va a hacer él ahora? ¿Cómo va a aprender cualquier cosa? ¡Es una injusticia grandísima!


I translated it as "This is not going to do it." Duolingo didn't like the "it" at the end.


Could it be "this is not going to fit"? Duolingo didnt accept it.


so it corrected my "he is not going to serve this" by telling me the correct answer is "this is not going to serve" huh?


Should 'This is not going to be served' be accepted?


Esto no se va a servir


Why can't this also be "you are not going to serve this"


This is what I wrote and I am still confused. Could someone shed some light? Is it because "esto" needs the personal "a" or an object pronoun? Those two topics still confused me.

I understand the correct translation, "This is not going to work/serve" but upon first look it still looks light it could also mean "He/you are not going to serve this".


"He/you are not..." should be "Él no va a servir esto" or in a other way, "Esto él no va a servir" or replacing the pronoun "él" for its reflexive "se", "Esto no se va a servir". But the original sentence is a direct sentence, "esto" is the subject. That's my opinion.


It really sounds like esta and not esto.


I typed "It is not going to work" and got it wrong... Is it really different?


if you wrote "this" it would have worked--i tried the word "this" since "esto" means "this" not "it"


"esto" is a neutral demonstrative pronoum.


the insertion of isn't instead of is not es muy stupido


Why is this not esto no va a utilizar. Is utilizar and servir synonymous?


Well why didn't you say so before?


Sentences without a context is a hard task to translate. This one is more like a clause than a sentence. This one can be used in different ways (nuances of the verb "servir"). But just to remind, the lesson is to learn the future ("ir" + "a" + verb)


The answer I provided is correct : "That's not going to be useful" and still it was counted as a mistake


Esto = this

Eso = that

I am sorry but your sentence was wrong.


So does "servir" mean "to serve" and "work/ be useful"?


It works the same in english. Something can serve a purpose. If it does not, then it is not useful


Okay, I get what you're saying. Thank you! (And here's a lingot) :)


where is the ''be'' in this sentence?


Why is the sentence pronunciation different on servir than when you press on the word itself?


How do you say "this is not going to work" in spanish


So 'servir' is also 'useful'?


What's the difference between "this is not going to be useful" and "this is going to be useless"?


'This is not going to serve' sounds antiquated and this Spanish dictionary does not include 'work' other than 'in service of' as a definition for servir. Do native speakers still use this phrase? http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/servir


Wouldnt "This will not be served" a better senetence? why is the translation on the discussion page always different than the one Duolingo gives me?


Can one use "fit" as a possible choice for servir, let's say for clothes.


I literally don't understand Spanish grammer... Its going above from my head!


I thought this sentence would be "Esto no va a ser util" instead of "Esto no va a servir" which one would be more commonly used in America?


I put exactly the answer and it was marked wrong.


Why is the English translation, "This is not going to be served" (as in a dish of food) not accepted? The "correct" translation was "This is not going to serve" Huh? C'mon DL... I reported... please get it fixed.


I typed, " This is not going to work" and it didn't!


very confusing translation as one would think it's about "serving"


"This will not do" accepted 2/25/19. I was pleasantly surprised.


Esto no va a ser útil

Much better translation for useful in this sentence.


Esto no va a ser util

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