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  5. "- Як справи?"

"- Як справи?"

Translation:How are you?

May 24, 2015



Is this kind of like "How are things?"


Yes, you are correct!

Справа = thing to do (noun), справи is plural. But a-a-aalso, справа = to the right (adverb). For example, "Кіт справа" = The cat is on your right. So sometimes we joke and ask "Як зліви?" (зліва = to the left) Of course, the word "зліви" doesn't exist, it's just a colloquial joke ;)


Haha, that's fantastic, дякую!

Is справа also related to right, as in "the right to vote" for example?


Good thinking, yes! That would be право. It still means "right" directionwise: де? (where?) - справа, куди? (to where?) - направо. But it also means "right" as in to vote etc., mostly used in plural (мої права́ = my rights) and also means "law".


Дякую! I was wondering because it seems similar in Polish. A "sprawa" seems to me to be similar to a "справа." Prawo means right, prawo jazdy is driving license, etc.

Are these words also similar to "really?" and "truth"? Google Translate gives me "Справді?" and "правда" as suggestions.


Your Polish intuition is right again.

Правда = truth, but we use it to ask "Really?" = "Правда?" or even "Правда-правда?" :D Or in a sentence e.g. "Ти правда мене любиш?" :) Actually seems gramatically wrong since it's a noun, the 100% correct one would be "Ти справді мене любиш?" since справді is actually an adverb, but we just like the word правда apparently and stick it into sentences.

Also: правильно = correct

And "права́" is a license too, didn't see that at first! Your prawo jazdy is водійські права or more childishly (how I say it) - права на машину :) ("rights for the car", haha)


I wrote, "How are things?" and was marked wrong. Ah well.


I don't know how common this greeting would be in English but I find it a totally valid translation!


It's common enough. But "How are you" is far more common. Of course, when an American asks this question, they usually aren't expecting an answer.


Yes, that's what it means literally


What's up with the dash at the beginning? Is it actually part of the phrase?


Ok, did some exercises and realized that Duolingo uses it whenever the phrase is part of dialogue (to distinguish between different speakers).


"Як ви?" and "Як справи?"- they mean the same thing- are you supposed to use one or another in different situations?


I can't pronounce справи. Help?


Well, probably like this: 'sprah-wi'. That is, take first part of the word 'sprout' and the beginning of 'wicked'. You can also try these as examples http://uk.forvo.com/word/%D1%8F%D0%BA_%D1%81%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%3F/#uk


It could be "What's up?". It says in Google Translate


Thanks, added it! I think it's a totally valid translation.


The в sounds like a bilabial fricative here. Does it always sound like that, or only between vowels?


FYI: "To the Right" is NOT "справа"/"справи"! It's "з права". ie: "з правої сторони/ боку". ("From the right side".)


What?... What are you talking about?

"Зліва" and "справа" are existing words. Never seen them written as "З права" and "З ліва". I am a native Ukrainian.



They mean "right" and "left". Де? Справа/зліва (від...)

[deactivated user]

    What?... What are you talking about?

    Zonia435615 is a speaker of Canadian Ukrainian, and a lot of things are different there. Other peculiarities of her speech include:

    Ukrainian has evolved in different ways in different countries, and this course doesn't teach the Ukrainian she speaks. Unfortunately, instead of accepting this fact, she keeps reporting the differences as alleged 'mistakes' in the course.


    Wow, amazing! Didn't know this before, thanks!

    "Склеп" is used in western Ukraine as well. "Бараболя" too.

    This is really an interesting thing :) But well, no matter whether "з права" is OK or not, "справа" is still not a mistake, that's the focus of my comment.


    It’s like “ how are things”

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