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  5. "I am here now."

"I am here now."

Translation:Я тут тепер.

May 24, 2015



Must times always come at the beginning in Ukrainian?


Adverbs of time can be placed at the beginning, at the end of sentence or before a predicate without change in meaning (emphasis may slightly change):

  • Зараз я тут.
  • Я зараз тут.
  • Я тут зараз.


Is Я зараз тут a natural option? It was not accepted, but I am not sure it should (such word order is natural for Russian, though).


On my opinion, all three variants have approximately the same frequency of using. Only a logic emphasis is changing:

  • Зараз я тут - a logic emphasis on "зараз".
  • Я зараз тут - a logic emphasis on "тут".
  • Я тут зараз - a logic emphasis on "тут" but you accentuate, that you are here exactly now.


I still don't understand emphasis in general in Ukrainian. I believe some other languages have conventions about positioning words for emphasis.

However, your examples include a sentence in which the first word is emphasised, a sentence in which the last word is emphasised and a sentence in which the middle word is emphasised.

Can "Зараз я тут" be rewritten so that "я" is emphasised?

Can "Зараз я тут" be rewritten with neutral emphasis?

Does "я" have to come before "тут" to make a grammatically correct sentence?


Even though there's no fixed word order in Ukrainian there's always an order (or orders) that are the most natural to the native speakers ear. So if you rearrange words in sentence meaning in most cases will still be the same. However, the word which takes some unusual position in a sentence will most likely come as emphasized


If i had seen that three phrases in book, in generall, I would have understood it, as I wrote above. BUT when you speak, you may do a logic emphasis on any of that words (intonationally). So, you may say:

  • Зараз я тут, а завтра мене тут не буде. - Now I am here, but tomorrow I will not be here.
  • Зараз я тут, а завтра тут будете ви. - Now I am here, but tomorrow you will be here.
  • Зараз я тут, а завтра я буду там. - Now I am here, but tomorrow I will be there.


Totally. I think the first first two variants are the most common, the last one a bit less


Why is the answer in this message board saying: Я тут тепер. ?? This was not taught, nor was it what i typed as my correct answer. First time I'm seeing the word тепер and i was just practicing an older lesson


When should you use тепер instead of зараз?


I didn't realise that it was possible to select two answers, not just one


It tells me the answer i gave is wrong, then used that same sentence as an example of the right one.


You should have reported your answer using the "Report a problem" button. Now it is impossible to see what your answer was exactly.

BTW: If it was a multiple choice test then it could be more than one correct answer.


Why was this answer correct?

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