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  5. "Our family is your family."

"Our family is your family."

Translation:Vår familie er deres familie.

May 24, 2015



So in Norwegian you can place the genitive pronoun after the noun (making the noun definitive in the process). So what is the issue with saying "Familien vår er familien deres"? Is it grammatically incorrect or just less natural in this context?


It is grammatically correct to say "Familien vår er familien deres". It's just more common to say "Vår familie er deres familie." I believe I've used both...


I know there are subtle differences between the following phrases, but what are they?

"Familien vår er familien din."

"Vår familie er din familie."

"Vår familie er familien din."

"Familien vår er din familie."

I've heard that there's a difference in which word you're stressing by switching it around, and one's more common than the other, but I don't know which does what.


To answer my own question: when the preposition is before the noun, the emphasis is on the preposition. So, in order of the list given above, here's what it looks like in english:

"Our family is your family."

"OUR family is YOUR family."

"OUR family is your family."

"Our family is YOUR family."

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


my guess is dulingo just wanted to use the word "deres"


Our family is your family. why i had mistake?

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