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  5. "Ви п'єте сік?"

"Ви п'єте сік?"

Translation:Do you drink juice?

May 24, 2015



Interesting... At my home we say it as "п’єте́"... Are we wrong or is it OK too?


I think it is a matter of a dialect


Could be, or could be that this is wrong :)

We also used to say "во́дій" instead of "воді́й", because my mother is actually Russian (although her Ukrainian is better than what most of the Ukrainians I know speak...) and my father is Ukrainian but come on, they lived during the USSR....


It could be wrong for standard language, but "во́дій" refers to some dialect, I guess. I think that any Ukrainian native speaker will understand what you mean if you say "во́дій", and it would be better to understand that word in appropriate context.


Well, I don't know how to pronounce ви here. Sounds different, I mean В=W and и=is EE but not like і.


I typed "do you people drink juice" as ви means you(plural) and it didn't accept..


"You people" sounds slangy to me. There is no such connotation in the Ukrainian sentence.


"You people" is not the formal way of addressing a group in any major English dialect.


Is ви singular or plural?


It is plural.

ти = you (singular)

ви = you (plural)

Try comparing it to many other European languages, for example tu/vous (FR), tú/vosotros (ES)...

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