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"Skilpadder bruker ikke toalettpapir."

Translation:Turtles do not use toilet paper.

May 24, 2015



I had a turtle. Confirmed info.


just because you never gave him a chance....


Yay, haven't had a sentence on a turtle for a while :D


What is the obsession with turtles? The course needs more lobsters, prawns and shrimp!


Duo is kosher


who created this

i love it


I've nearly completed my fifth tree now. Of the five the Norwegian one is far and away the most interesting, the most fun, and the most cleverly constructed.


I am on the way to completing my eighth tree and I most certainly second that! Of all the courses I'd done (and the ones that were disappointing to some extent that I put them on hold), I was pleasantly surprised by the Norwegian and the Turkish courses! Both of which struck me as impossible to learn at first and tried them out of curiosity, only to find my self hooked. Simple, straightforward, logical, funny, and respectful to words of common origin (some of which are considered archaic in today's English, however acknowledging them puts thing into perspective). Hat's off to the creators of this course, and the moderators who are always there responding swiftly and thoroughly to our questions. (^_^)


You should try the Finnish course. It has squirrels, hedgehogs, wizards, and LEGO.


I wonder, what were the contributors/editors thinking. "Hmm let's choose an animal which does not use toilet paper!hmm it's difficult to choose!:D When does the nynorsk curse starts? (to comment a useful sentence)


I dont think they will start a course on nynorsk, people who would actually go and speak nynorsk would probably go and live in Norway and they would learn it by living there :D


It is my favorite sentence. :)


It's hard to pull off the roll with your beak. And that's just the first step.


and those short little arms (on tortoises), even harder with flippers


That has taken my mind all kinds of places it didn't want to go...


Leonardo does not like this

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