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What happend with hearts?? I don't like the new system of making/not making progress during lesson

May 24, 2015



Hearts went away a long time ago, I'm afraid. Sorry about that...


Yeah, I prefer the heart system too.


Can we bring hearts back?


I agree and what about the constant repetition of questions within the same lesson? More than hearts has changed.


I've never seen the hearts and I've been here for about 3 months. Every so often someone mentions hearts and I wonder what that looked like. I have the bubbly liquid tube that fills up left to right, and it's always some unpredictable color.


You had three, or you could buy one more for two lingots, and whenever you got a question wrong, you lost a heart. there were always 20 questions, and if you ran out of hearts, you had to re-do the lesson.


Hearts worked only on mobile version (android), I guess till end of march or april 2015


Hearts were available on web earlier than that; the mobile versions just stuck around longer.


After the hearts stopped, I found the lessons too time consuming to complete and since you can't save your progress, I dont come on here at all anymore. They shoudl bring them back. I know a lot of people who stopped using it bc of the hearts. It's supposed to be fun not overwhelming! Or they should make the lessons shorter.

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