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  5. "Моя подруга"

"Моя подруга"

Translation:My female friend

May 24, 2015



Okay, so I'm a little confused, does the letter 'г' make a 'g' sound or an 'h' sound? Because I thought 'г' meant 'h'?


г makes 'h' sound and ґ makes 'g' sound. Two different letters.


But what does this sentence mean? I've forgotten what Подруга means and don't recognise the alternative either. More help for beginners, please! Providing a translation of the correct answer, whether we get it right or wrong, would be a big help.


моя подруга means "my friend" (female friend).


Is girlfriend wrong? In English, girls often call their female friends girlfriends. I think girlfriend should probably be added unless it is never meant as the female romantic friend and so one shouldn't risk having that association in translation.


Подруга may mean the female romantic friend, but we commonly say дівчина (girl, young lady) to mean girlfriend. "моя дівчина" always implies romantic relationship, while подруга is usually just a friend.


That's what I thought. :)


Yes, as Vinnfred said, it means just "friend". People use дівчина for "girlfriend", but there is a type of people who use подруга for that! :) I know several like that, they feel uncomfortable really saying Це моя дівчина ("This is my girlfriend"), so they basically say "Це моя подруга" ("She is my friend") with this sort of emphasizing intonation as if they were making air quotes :)


Lol, thanks.


is Tovarichka is good as an alternative word for friend?


Товаришка is not that close to you as friend is, it's rather "comrade"


So how come подруга has a по? Is that common in word-formation? Why not друга? Does that mean something else (I mean apart from being a declinated form of друг)?


По- isn't a prefix for forming feminine
Look at this link: http://goo.gl/GgNFlh (it's about Russian, but the words for "friend" are the same)


Wow, thanks for the insight!

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