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  5. "Сімдесят п'ять гривень"

"Сімдесят п'ять гривень"

Translation:Seventy-five hryvnyas

May 24, 2015



Shouldn't it be hryvnias?


I suggested the same thing.


I suggested the same. Maybe, if more people suggest this spelling the Ukrainian monitors will either change or accept both spellings.


hryvnyas? >.< ok..


I do wish they would accept words without the apostrophe (') because we simply don't have that on my Ukrainian keyboard layout...I blame Microsoft. I don't want to have to switch back to my English keyboard every time I have to type an apostrophe!


It does exist. For some weird reason, some keyboards, the most prominent among them being the US keyboard, has one key less than most of the keyboards do. The apostrophe is under that key, so for you it's impossible. Microsoft is doing nothing wrong, you've just bought yourself a bad keyboard. You can get a better one in a shop. The missing key is either on the lower left of the Enter key or to the left of the Z key. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ACNOR_keyboard.jpg .


Is a stress on "i" also correct? Drawing a parallel from russian...


Shouldn't hryvnias be correct? They actually spelled it wrong.


I've written gryvnas... And it wasn't accepted


Speaking from Australia, we do not use an hyphen for numbers and this is repeatedly marked as incorrect. I even checked with my daughter who is a school teacher and the hyphen is definitely not to be included. Not sure about other countries.

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