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Possible issue with keeping track of 10 day streaks

Currently my streak is 143 days ( my German streak is 60 and Italian is 16 ) When I got to the 140th day I wasn't awarded with 14 lingots, instead I was awarded couple of days later with 6 lingots because of my 60 day German streak .

I presume the reason why my streaks are so different is because when I lost my 100+ Italian streak (at that time I also had 30+ streak in German) Duolingo already switched from separate way of counting streaks to the combined way of counting streaks.

I am just wondering if 10 day streaks should follow the separate way of counting streaks or it is an issue and it should follow the combined way.

September 27, 2013



:) 10 day streak is now following the combined way of counting streaks.


I've had trouble with the streak freeze on mine... i currently have a 12 day streak when logged in on the pc, an e-mail saying i have a 3 day streak, and a 3 day streak on my phone app, I'm not sure the streak freeze is working properly either, may be a few bugs or something that hasn't been considered cross platform that needs looking at ?

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