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Weird Strengthening Glitch

I was strengthening my Time skill on the Swedish course when I came across this. I got 19 out of 20 answers right and it didn't show up as becoming strengthened in that window. After I clicked out of it it showed it as 5/5 in the lesson view (whatever thats called).

But when I went back to the tree view, it shows up as 4/5 strengthen again. This isn't really a bad glitch, but the lack of everything being gold does bug me more than it probably should.

May 24, 2015



I'm having a similar problem for four of my Swedish skills. Duo will acknowledge that I have practiced the lesson, but it will not strengthen at all. Strengthening again doesn't help.


I keep practicing my Medical lesson for French, but it never strengthens! I just practiced it and got every question right, but it did not strengthen. :(


I'm having the same problem. It think it's a new bug.


I'm having this problem just now in Spanish... (although I think it did show up as somewhat strengthened in the end of the lesson, since I'm getting back into the language and hadn't done anything in it for a while) It says 4/5 on the tree, but 5/5 on the lesson page. (perhaps I'll try strengthening again.


...yeah for me strengthening again did it. (I'm thinking maybe I was marginal on relevant words in the unit...? But I'm not sure that it isn't a glitch otherwise.)


Same for me.. One of my skills should have been 5/5 but appeared as 4/5. it went back to 5/5 when i refreshed the page.

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