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  5. "I want to drink too."

"I want to drink too."

Translation:Я теж хочу пити.

May 25, 2015



So how wrong is it for me to say "Теж я хочу пити" What are some simple rules as far as adverb placement goes? I.E. Now, then, really, etc.


That's quite a complicated topic, as there many types of adverbs and we have to speak about them separately

The most common place to put adverbs you mentioned is before the predicate.
Я теж хочу пити, Я дійсно хочу їсти (I really want to eat)
Теж can also be put at the end of a sentence, but definitely not at the beginning

Adverbs of time can also be placed in the beginning or in the end of sentence without change in meaning (emphasis may slightly change):

  • Зараз я буду снідати
  • Я зараз буду снідати
  • Я буду снідати зараз
    (I am going to have breakfast now)


What's the difference between п'ю and пити?


пити is an infinitive - to drink
п’ю is first person singular - (I) drink

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