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Do you use audiobooks?

I feel that I have a fair grasp of french now, and would like to begin listening to audiobooks.

I would ideally like to have either a book or e-book available to follow along with.

What are your recommendations. Do you know of any sites where I can find audiobooks, and ebooks in french (possibly free?)

May 25, 2015



http://www.litteratureaudio.com/ has classic books, off copyright, and each post has a pdf of the book so you can read along. :)


Litteratureaudio.com, the site that cswrawr mentioned is great. These are also good:


Choose as easy a book as you can find, at first, because this takes some getting used to. Or it did for me at first. It's lots of fun. Enjoy yourself.


Il y a beaucoup des livres en YouTube. Vous pouvez aussi écouter des livres que vous avez deja lu. J'ai écouté Harry Potter et Hunger Games. Ils sont très facile à comprendre. Vous pouvez les ecouter un ou deux temps encore.

Il y a aussi cette tres bonne émission journal en français facile avec un transcription. Tres utile.


Nice resources above. Here is a few more...

A quick selection of free books is available on Amazon Canada, look for Livres en français, then check free. The books can easily be read on a kindle by setting the default dictionary to French-English. If you don't have a kindle, you can use the free app or the online cloud.

This site also has E-books in a number of formats

At one point I also saw a number of stories on Spotify (Free account and phone app). I'm concentrating on German, so those were the only stories I saved to my playlist. Tonight when I tried to find them again, the only thing I could find was French Poetry, search "La poésie française". However, there is a spotify list that has a mix of French Lessons, Vocabulary and Literature. (Check Here ).


If you have a local library, check if they have e-books or e-audio. I know in US and Canada, there is a ton of untapped resources in the public libraries for e-books and e-audio. Otherwise, try looking up French Newspapers, Radio or French TV live broadcast to see if you can understand what they are saying

[deactivated user]

    Not free, but I've had an audible.com subscription for years. I have loads of Spanish language recordings from them at this point - I started with fairy tales and children's stories, and then branched out into popular fiction and non-fiction subjects I was interested in. They've recently expanded their offerings in other languages and now I think French has more than 3000 titles available (including things like Le Hobbit, Hunger Games, etc. in addition to works that were originally written in French). This is really nice, since a couple years ago the only way to get access to French language audible titles was to sign up for a separate audible.fr subscription.

    One thing - audiobooks are great, and I love them, but I would caution you that the listening comprehension you gain from listening to them doesn't necessarily transfer all that well to other applications. Voice actors speak very clearly and consistently, and literary language is often quite different from everyday language. Casual speech just isn't the same. On the other hand, if you're listening to an audiobook (and not following along in a print copy) then you're practicing pure listening comprehension just like you would be listening to the radio - unlike TV or real life, there are no visual cues, so you can get a really good idea of just how much of the language you actually know.

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