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  5. "Kimin ceketi o?"

"Kimin ceketi o?"

Translation:Whose coat is that?

May 25, 2015



A bit of humour from Wales. Every time I translate this I think of a very Welsh saying 'Whose coat is this jacket'


Didn't we use to write kimin at the end of sentence like "ayakkabı kimin"? Then why it is not followed here?


I was asking myself the same question


Is ceket the direct object here?


No, "to be" sentences don't have objects.

It's "ceketi" because it's possessive: his/her/its - in this case, whose.

Remember that you mark possession on both the possessor and the thing possessed: "Benim kitabım, Ali'nin araba, kimin ceketi?".


Right, that makes perfect sense, it can get confusing because the endings are the same but I think I've got it now.

Follow up question: is this the only correct word order for this sentence, or can O be placed at the beginning to emphasize that you're talking about that jacket specifically?



You can tell them apart if the word ends in a vowel :) fare "mouse", fareyi "the mouse (accusative)", faresi "his mouse". But yes, otherwise they're the same.

I think that you could also have "O kimin ceketi?" and "O ceket kiminki?", but we had better wait for a native speaker to confirm those.


O, kimin ceketi?

also acceptable?


May I ask, why is O used here? Can you do without? Wouldn't bu make more sense as we are talking about an object and not a person. Can anyone explain?


O versus bu has nothing to do with objects or people.

O is used for objects or people that are far away (he, she, it, that, that one) and bu for objects or people that are close (this, this one, this person).

You could say Bu benim arkadaşım "This is my friend", for example, using bu to refer to a person, or O benim arabam "That is my car", using o to refer to an object.


Does o equal şu?



şu is some sort of medium distance between bu and o.

I'm not entirely sure how şu is used -- I'm not that fluent yet -- but it's not exactly the same as either bu or o.


I wrote "Whose jacket is this". What's wrong with this?


"this" (bu) is for something close, "that" (o) is for something far.


Why jacket not accepted?


Because they are using american english and Jacket exists in British.. Thats what I think

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