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  5. "Скільки там студентів?"

"Скільки там студентів?"

Translation:How many students are there?

May 25, 2015



Am I correct in thinking that "Скільки там студентів" means "how many students are there [in that specific place]" and not "how many students exist"? How would you translate the latter into Ukrainian?


Acc to duolingo rules the translation should be as more closer to the original as possible. So "Скільки там студентів" means "how many students are there". "how many students exist" even en english means the quantity of all students in the world, that is why it is not corrrect


"How many students are there" is ambiguous in English and one of its meanings is "how many students exist". My question was about how to express that meaning in Ukrainian.


скільки існує студентів = how many students exist

If someone ask me "how many students exist" my first reaction is: Where? In US? In UK? or in Ukraine?


What about a conversation where the location was previously decided? In English you could have a similar situation: "I went to school in Texas." "Oh, how nice! How Macy students are there?"


For that reason "Скільки там студентів" is the rght question. To be more correct, your whole phrase: "Ого, як мило! Та скільки там студентів?"


Is the genitive plural automatically used in questions like this?


Yeah, the word скільки requires the use of the genitive plural.


Does the placement of "там" make any difference here? That is, does "Скільки там студентів" sound more natural than "Скільки студентів там"? (Both are accepted as correct by DuoLingo.)


Would it be possible to translate this as, "How many students are there there?" For instance, I presume that "Скільки тут студентів?" would mean "How many students are there here?"

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