"Hun leker med alle barna unntatt gutten."

Translation:She is playing with all the children except the boy.

May 25, 2015

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Now THAT isn't very Norwegian of her...


Maybe the boy is injured so she can't play with him.


Pook excluded kid...


Not necessarily. There are many reasons why this situation might arise - don't jump to conclusions.


Maybe the boy doesn't want to play. Jumping to conclusions again.


Ah childhood crushes....


He's just a poor boy from a poor family and she is sparing his life from this monstrosity


my broken childhood memories flashed back


Perhaps the boy refuses to play with her? Maybe she tried her best?


The boy is happily watching an ant crawling over leaves.


What's the difference between unntatt and uten?


Read the tips in the beginning of the lesson! One is "except" and the other is "without".


I don't know how lordoftherabbits is studying, but I do know that on the app (at least the Android version), the tips at the beginning of the lesson are nowhere to be found. It really sucks when you're doing your best and asking questions and people are yelling at you to read the tips that I personally didn't even know existed at first. Give people a little leeway is all I'm saying. Some of them are probably just neglecting the tips, but I'm sure many of them just can't get to a computer on a given day and have to make do with the app, as is so often the case with me.


You're right, I didn't take the app into consideration. They should add the tip there too. I wasn't "yelling" though, mine was a genuine and calm suggestion: it's just the usual problem with chat and the lack of emotions in written language. :-)


The tips are also on the mobile version of the website, for some stupid reason only the app doesn't have them


Friendly reminder that, even if you are on the app, you can still see the tips on your device's browser. So it's not like people who use the app on their cell phones or tablets are unable to see the tips: they can see them through the browser.


For the more technically challenged, could you explain how?


Sorry for the late reply. You can access the tips and notes on your phone's browser. I assume you have a browser on your phone, like Chrome, or Firefox or a "random" browser called simply "browser" that comes natively with your phone. So, you can visit duolingo.com through that browser on your phone / tablet, log in and do the same that you do on the app. Like that, you can also see the tips that go with each skill, unless it is one of the courses that don't have tips (like English for French speakers or the other way round, I can't remember). I hope it helps!


I wish there were tips at the beginning of each lesson in the app version. Unfortunately, there are not.


They're not in the norwegian part. If you switch to other languages, some of them have it. For instance, learning spanish as an english speaker has them. It should be added to all languages, though (it's not so difficult to implement, as it's already there somewhere)


They're in the Chinese course too


What tips are you taking about? Never seen one on the app.


I think they're only on computers. Someone posted all of them here.


I thought they were on the mobile website too? Just not the app I think


All those links are broken now. But having the vocabulary listed is partially helpful


Unntatt - except

Uten - without


Det er ikke bra! Jeg vil ha leker med gutten! :))


Er gutten Charlie Brown?


Poor boy, he just wanted to play...


Am I over sensitive or is there a slight streak of misanthropy in several of these sentences?


I typed in "other than the boy" instead of "except" just because of common English use... I don't think it's strictly incorrect, maybe it's worth adding?


Maybe they can't add all the possibilities. I would more naturally say 'except for the boy"


This is the first time I've been penalised for writing 'the boy' instead of 'the lad' lad'. I didn't see this colloquialism discussed in the lesson....


You were probably penalised for something else, sometimes the app underlines the wrong word.


And sometimes it marks you wrong, when you got everything right.

Problem with the machinery can happen to any of us.


Deliciae, Hvis du leser kommentarene lenger ned ser du at en Grimsmark har skrevet noe som bør fjernes.


I thought Deliciae had, sadly, left a few weeks ago.


I didn't know that. I am sorry, she was really good. I am Norwegian and someone wrote something that I wanted to have removed. I don't know how to do this now.


Yes, it's a great shame she left.

I have reported grimsmark's comment twice already, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect :(


When I read the beginning of the exercise, the answer in my head is 'She plays with all' .. Not 'She is playing'.. Is that my Milwaukee way of talking/thinking. They both appear to be present tense.


Norwegian only has one version of the present tense and it can be translated into either English version - both are accepted. I just put whichever one sounds better to my ear.


Why can't we write like this- she plays with all the children except the boy


What a looooser


Is "hun leker med hvert barn unntatt gutten." analogous to the example?

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