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Beta suggestion: Duolingo to use phrases with audio for new words first.

Is it possible to see if the good people at Duolingo can fix things so that when a word is introduced for the first time this is done using an example that has audio? This would be particularly helpful in the Ukrainian course, and the new alphabet means weer don't have v very many reference points for remembering a new word we don't know how to say!

May 25, 2015



The missing audio is just an error and is being fixed. Every sentence should/will have audio. More info here.


I'm not convinced they will add individual words as Irish is sadly lacking those as well as most sentences at the end of the course. I finished Irish with no proper grasp of pronunciation:( Such a shame as duolingo usually does this so well.


Ah - wonderful!


I'm not very far into the tree but this is my only suggestion so far. It's a lot easier to understand the new words when they're isolated, they can get swallowed by the sentences. This could just be because I'm not yet used to the sound of spoken Ukrainian though.

Besides that, i wish we could play the audio at a slower speed like the TTS in other courses. However, i believe that it would end up distorted because it's a recording so I'm not expecting that to be introduced.


It would be incredibly useful. It is a real hindrance in those courses for which audio is recorded that there are no files for individual words.

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