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  5. "Kokken vasker restauranten."

"Kokken vasker restauranten."

Translation:The cook is cleaning the restaurant.

May 25, 2015



How is it pronounced? RestauranGen?


It is pronounced “resturangen”, so “au” is simplified to “u” and “nt” is pronounced as “ng”. The latter is pronounced as one sound, such as in “sang”, so the ‘g’ is not audible. IPA would be /ɾɛstʉɾɑŋɛn/.


Thank you. So is it common in Norwegian to pronounce "nt" like "ŋ"?


Not in general, but it's common in words that are imported from French, such as “restaurant”, “departement” and “kompliment”. All of these are pronounced with “-ang”. But beware, for example “komplement” (with ‘e‘ instead of ‘i’) and “kontinent” are imported from Latin and not French, so they are pronounced with “-ent”, the way they are spelled.

(The English translation of these words are, respectively, “restaurant”, “ministry”, “compliment”, “complement” and “continent”.)


My closest English transcription would be Re-sto-ráhng-in. There's a reason I never got into linguistics school :D


I thaught wasker means washing!!!


Hah, good one.. chefs.. cleaning.


I wonder if anyone else hears a 't' at the end of a word ending in 'r'? My son hears an 'r' only but I clearly hear a 't'. Is it just my aged hearing? Thanks.


I realize there are three types of rolled Rs, one being the Japanese R which is irrelevant. Then 2 types of European Rs; one being a harder more stereotypical rolled R, like we are used to hearing. But the second is this peculiar soft R, almost as if you tap your tongue against the mouth but keep the breath going for a split second. That could be what you're hearing. Or the audio cuts off abruptly. Not sure.


Where are all the KPs???


is "vasker" specifically "is cleaning" or is "cleans" also correct?


It's both. Norwegian doesn't differentiate between present simple and continuous.


I can't form a sentence because the answeres are bugged in one another

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