"De hater å studere."

Translation:They hate studying.

May 25, 2015

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Me too, it is why I am procrastinating final study with duolingo :)


They should just try Duolingo


is there a difference between an infinitive and a gerund in norwegian


There's really no difference (in Norwegian) between simple present (to study, infinitive) and present continuous (studying, gerund).


I am bit puzzled by the translation "They hate to study". It is my understanding that "They hate to study" sounds very informal. Used in common speak, but technically wrong (at least this is what I remember from my old English teacher), as it means "They hate with the goal/motivation of being able to study", which is different from "they hate the action/task of studying", which is expressed with "they hate studying". If I am wrong, maybe beside Norwegian I should refresh my English :)


They hate studying is definitely what's meant here.

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