"Worden de kandidaten vandaag gekozen?"

Translation:Are the candidates being chosen today?

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Why can't zijn be used in this sentence? Is 'worden' always used when passive form?

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'Zijn' in this sentence would be 'Zijn de kandidaten vandaag gekozen?', which means: 'Have the candidates been chosen today?'. 'Worden' ('to become/be/get') is a "process".

  • De thee wordt koud - The tea is getting cold
  • Ik word gekozen - I am being elected
  • Hij wordt morgen tien jaar - He'll be ten years old tomorrow
  • Wat is er van jou geworden? - Whatever became of you?

'Worden' is used if the event is still going on at this particular moment. In English, the simple tense of 'to be', 'to become' or,'to get' is used.
'Zijn' is used when we want to express that an event has already occurred or been done (perfect tense). In English, the perfect tense of 'to be' is used.

3 years ago
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