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  5. "Це мати?"

"Це мати?"

Translation:Is this mother?

May 25, 2015



So, according to my lovely Ukrainian woman: translation above correct, but the sentence is weird. Alternative translations: "Are these mats?" and "Are these swearwords?". In any case: Weird sentence ;)


From Russian perspective it looks very funny :-) Thank you.


Nono, it is so in Ukrainian as well, what sebastian.thimm wrote is true. Мати = mats = swear words (spoken, of course)

Doesn't sound funny without a context but one can make plenty of puns from it :)


"Is this the mother?" seems reasonable but is marked wrong


Shouldn't be... Is it still?


Shouldn't this be "Це мама?" to match the english translation? Why is it "мати"?


Мама is more spoken and gentle like "mom" or "mum" while мати is more serious or bookish like "mother".


I see, thanks. Like мать in Russian.


This is mother?

Weird. Is mom wearing a horribly disfigured outfit that makes her look like unrecognizable?


It could mean "Is this a mother?" or "Is this the mother?". Recall that we don't have a and the which change the meaning a lot.


I'd say it can very seldom mean "is this the mother?", because it means that the speaker talks of a definite person who is neither his nor his addressee's mother (otherwise "the" would not have been used), and here Slavic languages use longer constructions, like "Is this the same/the very mother?".


Yes, it has a very specific contest but it is a valid translation. For instance, a doctor expecting to examine a (future) mother receives a woman in his office, checks his name list, points to her and asks: "Is this the mother?". In this case you definitely translate it as "Це мати?" to Ukrainian. So --> totally valid, should be accepted


Very, very new to Ukrainian. Why is it both "Is this mom?" and "Is this a mother"? Those are two very different translations, ĉu ne?


It can both mean "Is this Mother?" and "Is this a/the mother?" depending on the context. If you had to specify, you would use sentences like "Is this our mother?" or "Is she a mother?" or "Is this the mother we talked about earlier?" You should understand, this is only a basics lesson where you are taught simple sentences. Most of them rely on context.


there is no article "a" in hints, a mistake


"Is this mom?" or "Is this mother?" etc. are correct as well, without "a" or "the".


Mothers are here/these?


Why is that's mom marked wrong when one of the translations of це is that? What am I missing here? Thanks!


You have a question here, but 'That's mom' is statement. In Ukrainian the difference between question and sentence lies in a pronunciation, not in word order.


Yeah, that was a typographical error, sorry. I should’ve put, that’s mom? That’s the sense I intended it in anyway, my fault for being unclear.


I'm still in doubt whether to accept "that" as a translation of "це". On one hand, це = this and то = that. On the other hand, the meanings of "That's mom" and "This is mom" are very close and the phrases are used in the same situations.

Another point is that, going through different exercises I see that in some "that" is accepted as a translation and is some it's not. Apart from being correct or wrong, it has to be consistent... If it's one way in one exercise, it should be the same way in another one...

I don't know if I can decided these things by myself or should consult with other moderators and administrators. I probably should, but I've been bombarding them with really a lot questions these days already :'D


Thank you!! It’s been a while but I think at the time the hints had given both “this” and “that” as a meaning for це. If I remember right, that was the source of my confusion. I could’ve also just translated it wrong and got confused.


More often "це" is "this" or "it" and "mom" is "мама".


Other words are used for that perhaps more often: http://www.freelang.net/online/ukrainian.php?lg=gb http://www.cybermova.com/cgi-bin/olenuapro.pl


How to say this is A mother ?


Ukrainian doesn't have the concept of articles, so both "the mother" and "a mother" correspond to "мати"


What a strange translation of words

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Difficult to guess what they were saying (the form I received was listen to audio file then write what you heard), since they've never pronounced that word for me before. Hopefully they will add pronunciations.


No matter the effort, I cannot convince this app that I am pronouncing second word correctly

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