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  5. "O menino não tem força."

"O menino não tem força."

Translation:The boy has no strength.

September 27, 2013



In my opinion, "the boy has no strength" is a better translation.


'The boy has no force' does not make sense in English


hahah, made me laugh!


Absolutely agree. "has no strength" or "no power" would make much more sense. Does Duo not read these comments anymore??


We're not supposed to read every all your comments all the time (with over 10.000 sentences, that would be impossible - not only are we volunteers, but we need to be working on the course and we can't be lurking around the comments waiting for complaints to arrive, that would be massively unproductive). That's why we ask everyone who was suggestions to use the "Report a Problem" feature to let us know what things we can improve.

Good luck with your studies ;)


Sorry for the harsh comment, Luis. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get this education free of charge. Sometimes my mouth is quicker than my mind.


That's ok - we can understand the frustration: believe me, we're also very sorry we can't be everywhere all the time. Thank you for your words - most other people who sound so angry wouldn't bother replying and would remain stuck in their ways. It's good to know we're learning from each other and reaching a form of mutual understanding.

Continuação de bons estudos :)


I said " the boy is not strong". I know it's not the same word for word, but isnt that the intended meaning?


Is "the boy is powerless" a good translation of this?


"Is powerless" is not quite right, but in context anything is better than "no force". Duo must wake up.


"The boy lacks strength"?

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