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Flash cards - how do I get new ones to try?

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I keep getting the same old words in 'Review Flashcards', even when I get them all right.

May 25, 2015



I've had the same issue for the last couple of months. It seems like the function that marks reviewed words as strengthened, broke down, so I keep seeing the same words again and again. I stopped using it altogether. I wrote a comment to duolingo, but got no reply.


yes i have the same problem. i would really love if we pick words to make our own sets.


I have had the exact same problem lately. Its no longer useful, especially since the same words come up in exactly the same order every time.


Guys/ladies, what about the idea that each one of us who is annoyed by this just sends a message to the duolingo team in addition to commenting on this string? I think that may finally draw their attention. I've observed that the skills that fall out of "full strength" on the main page and require strengthening depend on how many words from a skill lose their full stregth. By strengthening those words through a flash cards review you return those skills to full strength. Now that i cannot do it through flash cards I have to do it through so many additional skill reftesh exercises. Annoying does not describe it.

How about we all try to send duolingo messages requesting help with this? We might be able to make them do something about it.




I will certainly send HQ a message.


will send a message too


Folks, do you know if there is a good way to get the duolingo tech people take a look at it? Or at least explain the cause of this apparent malfunction? Thoughts?


If everybody contacts Duolingo then they might get the message and do something abut it.

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Good idea! I just sent an email via 'Help'. Hopefully we'll get new words soon.


I have the same issue and Duolingo ignores it


My words have never changed.


I have the same problem! It is so annoying!


My flashcards are now working - people power rules again!


How did you manage that?

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Great! I now have new words! Thanks DL and everyone who helped.


Yep, it is working again. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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