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Cursive Ukrainian

прівет I am still in the very stages of my Ukrainian tree (I am taking it slowly to avoid confusion with my Russian). And I am finding it interesting how the alphabet is covered. I am currently also learning Russian and already know a fair bit of Russian. When I first learned Cyrillic in Russian I only learnt the typed version, and until relatively recently had no knowledge of the handwritten or cursive Cyrillic. And had to effectively relearn the alphabet. Some of the letters (atleast in Russian) look very different in cursive to typed (for instance г looks like a backwards s and и and п like the english lowercase letters u and n respectively. Does this course cover cursive Ukrainian, and if not it should be added as a skill as soon as possible. For all learners of Ukrainian out there, take some time to learn cursive if it not covered here, as it will help you alot latter

May 25, 2015



To be honest, I don't think that Duolingo is ever going to be an effective way to teach someone the handwritten version of an alphabet. The best way to get your head round it is to get your hands round it. Copy the alphabet out till you get the hang of the letter shapes, then write, write, and write some more. Copy out passages of Russian (or Ukrainian or...) so you don't have to think about what to write, you can just practise writing.

Duolingo (or another online resource) could teach you how to recognise the handwritten letters, but it's quicker and more effective IMO to actually learn to write them and practise both reading comprehension and writing at the same time.


I agree, but a brief bonus section of Ukrainian cursive would be nice. Not enough to teach someone completely, but a good place to start. I am against the idea of spending too much time creating Duolingo Ukrainian cursive lessons as it will distract learners from mastering how to write it, but one or two brief lessons would be great.


Agree with flootzavut.

If you are interested in learning Ukrainian cursive online you may want to check out this resource.


That is an amazing resource! nice :D


Here is a picture of cursive alphabet for those who are interested:
Alt text


дякую. I wrote this post not so much for myself as I'm now familiar with Russian cursive, but to alert other learners that this can be an issue. But at-least now I know how the letters І Ї Єand Ґ look in cursive


I've noticed a couple variants of these and am curious how widely they're used. One's a lower-case "б" that sort of looks like a musical note, with the line at the top slanting off a lot more dramatically than in the example above. The other's a "д" that essentially lower-case "d" in the Roman alphabet. Does anybody know about these, and how often they're used? Is there a Cyrillic "joined-up letters" vs. true cursive equivalent?


I agree it would be nice to have just a little bit on cursive. In Ukraine you do see quite a few signs and menus that are printed in a cursive font rather than print, and although most of the letters look similar, there are a few which are really hard to tell what they are (I doubt anyone would guess т looks more like m). If print always looked like print letters and cursive was just for writing it wouldn't bother me, but because cursive looking fonts seem so popular there it would be useful to be able to recognise which letters are which.


I agree. Obviously you can't type in cursive, but a bonus skills section (available for anyone who has completed letters) which involves recognizing cursive sentences, and translating them to English would be nice and very useful


I agree! I finished the Ukrainian tree the other day and now I feel I am ready to begin studying Ukrainian. I took about three months just to get familiar with Ukrainian because it is not something you hear or see so often where I live. I am now going through the tree a second time more slowly, but I also started Beginner's Ukrainian by Yuri Shevchuk and from the beginning he is throwing Ukrainian cursive at you. I barely remember how to write in English cursive and I don't even know if they still teach it in school today, but at least I can read it. Now Ukrainian cursive is like a let down. Especially this weird "T" looking like an "m" thing going on. So anyways, I will learn this in a day or two and keep progressing in learning my Ukrainian language.

Tak! We really need a bonus skills section for recognizing the cursive letters and reading Ukrainian cursive as a way to jump start and support learning how to write Ukrainian. This would be a great idea.


I want to buy Beginner's Ukrainian by Yuri Shevchuk. What do you think about the book? It's easy for the beginner?


It's pretty good, especially with the audio component that comes with it. But the vocabulary choices that they teach can be kind of haphazard. Duolingo's a good complement to it for that reason. They also start you right out the gate with cursive, though, which is really helpful.


I agree, watch some videos on it or find a ukrianian friend online to help you

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