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  5. "Де кафе?"

"Де кафе?"

Translation:Where is the cafe?

May 25, 2015



If we talk about some really coffee place, we say "кав'ярня".


I know that in some regions of the US these are called restaurants, so I will clear this up for you. A "кафе" is somewhere between a fast food restaurant (called "фастфуд" - literally, fast food) and an expensive restaurant ("ресторан"). It is usually not very expensive, so you might not have waiters, but your food is not in plastic plates or cups, and you don't have to clean up after yourself.


What kind of cafes are you talking about?.. Пузата Хата is by no means кафе. Кафе is just a small middle priced restaurant. It's not fancy, you don't need an evening gown, but it definitely has waiters


Hmmm, that's what people around me call a cafe. But yes, a cafe might have waiters, I think I wasn't clear about that. Would you call "Coffee House" a cafe? I've had to bring my food to my table from the counter there. I don't actually have money to even go to fast foods, but generally when people around me say "I will go to the кафе" they might mean Пузата Хата, too. As opposed to the university cantine, maybe.

(I have edited the comment above, but not dramatically so that your comment does not seem weird.)


I have been to the actual restaurant maybe only once in my life. Most of inexpensive eating out places are actually cafes. Just look: http://goo.gl/0W7UqJ

You know this local small places? They are literally everywhere. Not fancy, not part of a chain. But you can even have a wedding there

I think that Coffe House is just a coffee fastfood :D They don't even cook anything, you know?


I don't really know because what I call an inexpensive place is a university cantine where you can get a decent meal for 10-15₴. So anyone reading this thread should rely on what you are writing.

Anyway, the small things are not called restaurants, here we agree, and this was the point I was trying to make.

I have been once in a Coffee House where they served regular food. Maybe it was not your average Coffee House - again, I'm no expert.


"Кафе" = "café" or "coffee"?


coffee = кава, café = кафе


Я уже не знаю, где сообщать о проблемах. В последнее время там, где надо писать под диктовку, звук просто отсутствует. Приходится нажимать Skip, выписывать правильный ответ на бумагу, а при появлении нового не озвученного предложения написания под диктовку вписывать этот ответ. Но в одном задании таких предложений иногда набирается до трёх. Пока угадаешь, какое же из них подойдёт....... А ещё мне не нравится, что только у вас слышать можно только на пределе громкости, при изучении других языков звук нормальный


Я пропустила слова "очень часто". Некоторые предложения озвучиваются, другие -нет. Раньше такие встречались изредка, сейчас - в любом задании обязательно хоть одно попадётся, иногда - два, иногда - три. Чтобы все не озвучивались, такого ещё не было.


Is it a lesson of Russian?


Should be "Where is the cafe?" Or "Do you know where I can find a cafe?"


If we don't have articles in Ukrainian, why it gave a me an error for where is café? Instead of where is the café?


Maybe because English does use articles?

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