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Word List and immersion?

Just asking... will there ever be a word list and immersion like in some other courses? Not that either of them is necessary, but I'm wondering why I don't see the buttons in Norwegian. Maybe something about being Beta?

May 25, 2015



Immersion: probably not since Duo staff put in pause the development of Immersion. They said

it's because this requires quite a bit of our effort and doesn’t show a big increase in any engagement. We’re committed to making the best learning website ever, and for that we have to focus on what we think is most worthwhile.

Words list: Probably one day. Old courses have it because they have been constructed with a different (less intuitive and less easy to use for contributors) system/structure, the counter part is that the word section is less easy to manage etc for the website for more recent courses.


Makes sense. In Spanish I never saw the point in translating Spanish wikipedia pages which already have more comprehensive English counterparts...


I noticed the same thing. But I guess it has to be the beta; why would they make those if they haven't fixed all the bugs yet?


For the word list it doesn't make sense. Duolingo does have a list of words I have learned already. And in Spanish for Englishmen, Duolingo shows me words from a few years back which have been sort of "orphaned" because they are flexive forms and they normalize all the words now.

Also the Norwegian contributers say they have 2700 words in the course, and Spanish doesn't seem to come close to 2000, despite being less dense in information content per syllable, but I digress...


Yeah you're right about the word lists, and now I remember that the team wrote that even though the bugs are to be fixed, no more words are going to be added. But I guess they have just been focused more on the actual progress of the course than editing additional things. I never used those two all that much myself, so frankly, I don't care - I just like to occasionaly check on the number of words I've learned. It's going to be added sooner or later anyway.


I only use the word list for gratulating myself on my speed and progress!

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