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  5. "Gult er en lys farge."

"Gult er en lys farge."

Translation:Yellow is a light color.

May 25, 2015



The tips and notes have been updated. We will now mention how colours as nouns are spelt.


Since when are there tips and notes?


For some reason, Norwegian tips are only found on PCs whereas for Spanish they are found on Android phones as well.


when to use lys and when to use lyge for light. need help.


"lyse" is the plural form of the adjective "lys"


tusen takk. helpful


Can you also say "gul er en lys farge?"


The noun "yellow" is "gult".


I'm pretty sure you can say "gul er en lys farge." too. It sounds natural to me and there are 939 results on Google for the phrase "gul er en farge" compared to 1500 for "gult er en farge". Are 40 % of people wrong?


According to the dictionary, yes.


And the dictionary is always 100 % correct?

I had to google the rest of the colours, and with the exception of grey, the usage is about 50/50. Shouldn't spelling reflect what's common rather than what one dictionary says?

"Grønn er en farge" (1170) "Grønt er en farge" ( 1220)

"Blå er en farge" (1910) "Blått er en farge" (1610)

"Rød er en farge" (1200) "Rødt er en farge" (1740)

"hvit er en farge" (1570) "hvitt er en farge" (1650)

"grå er en farge" (631) "grått er en farge" (1390)

"brun er en farge" (443) "brunt er en farge" (501)

Unrelated: "Svart" is misspelled on the Tips and notes section, it's currently spelled "svartt".


I see your point, but for a learner isn't better (and safer) to learn the variety that is "officially" correct and that sounds natural to all?

Corrected the Tips and notes. It might take some time before you see the changes though.


I'm not a linguist, but shouldn't it be possible to construct sentences such as these, without them being ungrammatical?

[Adjective] is [noun]?

That is to say:

"Vakker er et ord" "Blå er et ord" "Blå er en farge"

(Plus, as fveldig says, it sounds completely natural to me to say "Gul er en lys farge".)


I think it is possible, but unusual, and almost a bit Yoda-ish: "Rask er hesten".


I saw the tips and notes, but haven't found anything concerning "light" and "dark". Can anyone explain which words should I use to masculine/feminine, neuter and plural forms? Is it "mørk, mørke, mørkt" and "lys, lyse, lyst"? I am just guessing because of the lessons. Takk!


So "lett" is used only when describing weight - can't say "Gult er en lett farge", right?


It's used when describing weight or degree of simplicity, but not for colours in the way it is done in English.

The only way it can be used to describe colours, is in combinations like "lett rødlig" or "lett gulaktig", which would translate as "lightly redish" and "lightly yellowish" in English. It's not common, but it's the exception to the rule.


I answered "Yellow is a bright color" I double-checked this answer and was told it was correct, yet here, Duolingo is marking it as wrong. Please - either explain in the hints why "lys" does not mean "bright", and what the word for "bright" should be in Norwegian; or fix this mistake.


"Bright colours" are "sterke farger".

If you're unclear on the difference between light and bright colours in English, JenniferTauber has explained it in a comment below.


Sure, I'll accept that -- but the fact remains that, 2 years later, "bright" is still offered as a mouse-over definition for "lys". Please change that! (And yes, I have reported it...!)


Can someone help me please ...when i saw "Gult" i typed "the yellow" but it was wrong...why is that?


"The" in front of the name of a colour transforms it from a noun into an adjective. E.g., I prefer the yellow (colour, paint, etc.), regardless of whether the noun is stated or implied. I hope that helps. :0)


when is sais "light" it means "bright" color???


Light and bright are not the same thing - pastels are light but not bright, fire engine red is bright but not light. "lys" only means "light"


It looks like the French "Lys" fleur de lys wonder if theres a connection


Fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily. In French, fleur means "flower", and lis means "lily".


Do you add the adjective to the noun when talking about colour tones? (Lysgrønn, lysorange)


For a second I thought it would translate to "Guilt is a light color" and I like "...what?"


Norwegian: color English: colour Mistake?


I put "gult er en lus farge" because I forgot how to spell "lys" it counted it correct and didn't say I had a typo. Just wanting to make sure this is an acceptable spelling?


"Lus" is by no means an alternative to "lys". I think that was just a system bug.

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