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Daily digests rather than individual notifications

When you start following many discussions (in the language you learn, or in your native language to help out others), you get tons of individual notifications, every time someone answers in any on of them. Right now you have two options: get an email every time a comment is added, or get o email.

How about a daily digest option? It's too many emails, and yet i don't want to get no email, as i would never find the discussions again (the link in the email is very handy).

On a less important note, it'd be nice to be able to change these options "only for this language" (I'd like on big email per day for my mother tongue, but shoot me as soon as someone answers my question about the language I'm learning).

I'm sure this has been proposed before but I couldn't find a corresponding thread, sorry!

September 27, 2013

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Excellent idea. I grew so tired of deleting all these notifications, that I eventually just created a filter rule in my mail box. Now everything goes neatly into its own folder.

The only problem I see with your suggestion is prompt notification vs bulk notification. If you prefer bulk notifications that means you'll only receive notifications every xxx hours/mins/days. If you want prompt notification then it has to be individual (the current system).

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