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Be My Friend?

Does anyone want to be my Duolingo Friend? I busy and some healthy competition will help to motivate me...not to mention I do need help sometimes. Other than that I like the cultural exchange. Add me!....Please?

September 27, 2013



sure^^ I'm German, I can help you with that if you want to :)


How on earth do you get so many coins each week?


It's really not that difficult, you just need to be determined, disciplined and really really really enjoy Duolingo. :D


@mkljohnson ehe~ It's not that I learn that much of other languages, but that I'm doing the German course as well- to help other German learners. That's why I get a lot of points at the moment. As soons as I finished the whole German course (I'm nearly done) I will get less ;)


Ok, which language are you primarily learning?


Spanish, and then Italian. Though I chop and change depending what I feel like on any given day Haha.


Hey there, I would also love to meet people from different countries while we help each other :) In addition, I've just read you need help with Spanish and I'm a spanish speaker^^


I'd be happy to, I'm looking for some good competition as well~


so please add me im from peru


ok i speak spanish fluently what is your native language? im guessing its english which i am also fluent in ;)

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