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  5. "Un chien et une chienne"

"Un chien et une chienne"

Translation:A dog and a dog

December 26, 2012

This discussion is locked.


This discussion is locked.

  • If you have a genuine language question regarding this sentence, post it (with link) in the French discussion forum.
  • If you have issues with the audio (a lot of complaints about hearing 'chat', not 'chien'), use the report option.
  • Yes, chienne = bitch. It is used in French the same as the English equivalent; for a female dog and also as a derogatory remark.

Thank you


I just wrote "a dog and a dog" and it was correct....


so, what is the difference?


un chien is a male dog. une chienne is a female dog. une chienne translate to bitch - as in a female dog.


thanks man you save my life ;)


What is the difference of chien and chinne and how am I supposed to know which is correct?


Usually you will use le/un chien, and only use la/une chienne when specifically referring to a female canine.

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