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[Suggestion] Allow to finish current exercise when timer runs out in Timed Practice

In Timed Practice, I often manage hit 'Submit' just after the timer runs out, and I get no points, even when I answered correctly.

I would like to be allowed to complete the last exercise even if the timer runs out during it.

September 27, 2013



Or even if it doesn't "count" for a point at that point... let me find out if what I was typing was correct.


Yes, something as simple as that would be an improvement.


Maybe this is too complicated, but I think it would also be nice if the timer could pause if we open the window to read the discussion comments for a question. Sometimes I want to see what others have said but don't have time to look because I would run out of time and the lesson would end.


That is a good idea, I also often want to look at the comments but do not have the time.

An alternative could be to add a sort of review of the exercises you completed, after finishing the session. That way the flow of the timed practice is not interrupted, and you can take your time to look at comments, check dictionary hints and report issues if you spotted any.


The answer of the last question should be displayed..!


I totally agree! It’s quite frustrating not to even know if my answer was correct or not (I really don’t care about the point counting or not: it happens a lot that I get the server response “No correct answer” and the JavaScript one “This answer is correct” at the exact same time!). This is especially true as my Internet connection is not really strong and that I sometimes don’t see that the time has actually elapsed and that I’m still writing an answer (while JavaScript is questioning the server, but that can be relatively long). I’ve however seen that an audible countdown has been added about an hour ago: maybe this won’t get that frustrating after getting used to stop writing after the countdown ☺


The new audible countdown has indeed improved the situation a little. It was not there when I posted this thread yesterday, so it must be a brand new feature. Nice to see that things are going on at Duo HQ.


My feeling is that timed practice session needs a lot of improvement.

[deactivated user]

    most of us on here would agree with that, as many have already voiced their concerns on this topic.


    At present, if the counter is at 7 seconds or less, I usually accept the round as over and wait out the clock. This is a bit inefficient in the long run, and getting credit for an answer I started typing before the timer reached zero would cause me to attempt more sentences.

    I imagine that Timed Practice is one of the more complex features (both in terms of coding and user habits) on this site, and it will probably take a few rounds of tinkering before most everyone is satisfied with the result.


    Absolutely agree with this. Personally I feel that the timed practice could be so much better with just a few simple improvements. Pausing the timer after a wrong answer so you can look at the discussion? Viewing a review of your mistakes at the end of the practice?


    Having a review of the mistakes at the end would be so great! That’s a great idea!

    Having the time between questions not counted in the global time is also interesting: the current way encourages us not to use the discussion part of Duolingo nor trying to report problems. I really think Duolingo can suffer of this and I have the feeling that it’s not that complex to implement (as the countdown already stops while the JavaScript part is asking the server—or am I wrong?).

    In a more general scheme (but maybe this has nothing to do in this current discussion), I globally find that the way Duolingo evaluates how good we know a given word is relatively opaque. It considers some of the words I can understand but cannot spell without making a small mistake as known and some words I consider knowing reappear relatively often. I understand this is one of the most difficult part of Duolingo’s code, but I prefer to share my feelings anyway ☺ The general idea of having a summing up of the kind of mistakes I often do (like mixing up the ending “-ig” and “-ich” in German) would make it less opaque and would be a huge improvement of Duolingo in my point of view.


    It would be impressive if Duolingo was able to classify the errors we make and record their frequency, and give us exercises based on that.

    To continue with this idea, it would be good if Duolingo could then give even more specific exercises. For instance, if I have problems with repeatedly mixing up words (like sou, sua, seu in Portoguese) Duolingo should be able to show me the conjugation schemata, or in some other way let me train on keeping those words apart.


    The main reason I use Timed Practice is that it seems to remember the words I got right, and not throw them back at me immediately. I would prefer to use the untimed practice, but when I fail towards the very end, it seems to forget everything I got right and goes right back at asking me to translate "La madrugada" for the 1000th time.

    Apart from this advantage, right now, I hate everything about timed practice. The timer doesn't pause when I get something wrong so I can't even quite look at the discussion or learn much from my mistakes.

    Maybe I got it wrong and the untimed practice also remembers your right answers, who knows.


    That is my impression too.


    A feature that was requested a while back was to pause the timer after each question is answered and restart it when the new question is asked. This way we can check errors, see any discussion, or spend time figuring out what mistake we made before moving on to the next question. Currently, timed practice has way too many drawbacks, so I generally prefer to not use it. The only advantage of timed practice is more points (if you care about that) if you complete it.


    I was about to post something similar. I just want a way to see the last question's answer, or my mistake.


    After posting this I found similar suggestions in the Top All TIme threads, for instance http://www.duolingo.com/comment/669684 and http://www.duolingo.com/comment/82562


    Plus one for this idea. In particular, sometimes time runs out because I'm stuck on an exercise, and it would be great if I could use the rollover hints to remind myself of what I've forgotten. I agree with others that I would still like to finish the exercise even if it doesn't count for points.


    My main complaint with DuoLingo is not being able to see the correct answer when the timer runs out. Please make it so

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