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  5. "They have books."

"They have books."

Translation:Onların kitapları var.

May 25, 2015



• Onların kitapları var.

• Onların kitapları.

Just checking to see if I am right.... the first is "They have books" the latter is "Their books"....right?


How about they have the books?

"Kitaplar onlarda"?


why isn't "Kitaplar onlarda" correct?


They have books. Onların kitapları var.

They have the books. Kitaplar onlarda.

Their books. Onların kitapları.


"Onlar kitapları var " is it correct for the same, and if not , what is it means ?


same question here if someone could reply please :D


Why is it onlarin kitaplari var and not onlar kitaplar var?


Because for the given sentence, they say it like " their books exist" in Turkish. So they use possessive endings with it. I know it sounds illegal but that's how it is


Why onların and not onlar only?


I think possesor and posessed need special endings/suffixes which isn't too complex thankfully.

[deactivated user]

    Why OnlarDA?


    Why not "kitaplar" without "ı"?


    Why is it onlarin why not onlar?


    Hello! I Why is " Onlar kitaplari var " (pointless i) incorrect? Could someone please explain that to me? Does "Onlarin" mean "They have their books "? or what would that be? Thanks a lot.




    "They have books." Translation: Onların kitapları var.

    " Onlar kitaplari var " (pointless i) incorrect? Yanlış, wrong.

    "O" he/she & it, personal pronoun + (n) consonant buffer + plural suffix "-lar."

    Meaning: Them & they. Plus the genitive case suffix of possession + "-ın" makes it theirs.

    "Onların" - theirs. Genitive case "something of theirs." They have (books)

    Thank you.


    Why is plural required here? I've learnt throughout the exercises that plural in Turkish is necessary only if there is a definite article 'the' in front of the plural noun in English. So I don't understand why Onların kitap var is wrong here?


    Same!!! And yes, I'm using the mobile app so no, I don't have access to the Tips And Notes from the browser version. But this keeps happening so it might be time for me to migrate to the dark side.


    But why the ı after kitaplar??


    It's the possessive suffix. Look at the Tips & Notes for the Possessive section.

    For the 3rd person both singular and plural you just add a vowel at the end of the word according to 4-way vowel harmony (unless the word itself ends in a vowel, then you add a buffer -s-).

    Since the last vowel in kitaplar is a, the the ending is ı.


    can we say kitaplar onlarda


    I had 2 wrong answers and this is 3rd


    How would you say, "They have the books"?


    I have a confusion here that ''ın'' is used for ''s'' with a word like kızın means girls then is here onların ın the sentence and ''ı'' is the accusative. It is used to write ''the'' with some word at the end but why is ''ı'' written here with ''kitapları'' why is ''ı'' needed here can any body tell me plz I m confused (Mariane can you plz tell me if you know)


    "They have books" I wrote "Onlara kitapları var" They corrected me like " Onlarda kitaplar var" which is correct and what it means "onlarda"?:)


    Why is not onlar kitaplar var correct?


    Good morning young lady.

    "They have books." Translation: Onların kitapları var.

    Why is not onlar kitaplar var correct?

    Onlar --> "them."

    Onların --> "theirs." You need to use the genitive case suffix, -ın for possessive pronouns to show who has books.

    Kitaplar --> "books" + the possessive case suffix, -ı for their books.

    Var --> "there are" & "there is."

    Where are you on the Turkish learning tree? The possessive topic is the first lesson after checkpoint 1. Have you reached it yet?

    Thank you.


    Why isnt it kitaplarini?


    My answer is correct, isn't it???

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