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"Onlar sana eski bir kitap veriyorlar."

Translation:They are giving you an old book.

May 25, 2015



Shouldn't kitap be in accusative?


"an old book" is an indefinite object.

Only DEFINITE direct objects take the accusative.


I realized that this sentence had an indefinite article seconds after posting the question, but I was in a hurry so I couldn't delete it prior to your answer.

I'm sorry about that.


-Bir "kitap" aldim. -Güzel bir "kitap" mı? İs that correct?


Why giving to is wrong?


You can say "they are giving an old book to you "


04-June-2019 "They give you an old book" was not accepted. Why?


This sentence is given in the "Present Continuous Tense" lesson. Besides, most of the time, -yor is prefered for present simple in Turkish. Like "I love you" : "Seni Seviyorum" and not "Seni severim." Seni severim rather sounds like "I like you."


Most of the time, -yor is prefered for present simple in Turkish is exactly why I translated "Onlar sana eski bir kitap veriyorlar" with present simple: "They give you an old book". But DL did not accept this translation. Does the act of giving a book fall outside of the rule that -yor is used for simple present, or should DL have accepted my solution?

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