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  5. "Де ваші вареники?"

"Де ваші вареники?"

Translation:Where are your dumplings?

May 25, 2015



I suggest you should not translate varenyky. It's a proper noun describing a typical Ukrainian meal and that would be a nice cultural touch to the whole course. In the previous lessons, borshch wasn't translated as "beetroot soup" after all.


I agree. I grew up in western Canada with a very dense Ukrainian diaspora. Everyone (even people with non-Ukrainian heritage) calls them either varenyky or perogies.


I've been asking myself this question for years..


Yes, In the West, 'varenyky' are called 'pyrohy' & 'perogies'.

'Perogies' is a Polish word and 'Pyrohy' is a Ukrainian word. But in Ukraine when/if you order 'pyrohy', you will receive 'baked dumplings'. So you HAVE to specifically ask for 'varenyky' which are 'boiled dumplings'.


In my stomach ;)

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