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  5. "Моя машина"

"Моя машина"

Translation:My car

May 25, 2015



Why is My machine incorrect?


It should be correct. Машина means both "car" and "machine". For example, a washing machine is пральна машина, an espresso machine is еспресо-машина.

It's only that usually машина on its own means a car in 90% of the cases, but you can always find context.


We use the word машина for different types of mechanisms but in colloquial speech it is common to call the car машина, to go by car їхати машиною, get in the car! - залазь у машину!


I don't think that machine is specific enough. A machine can be a variety of different things, but this word only describes one type of machine (a car). I do think it is interesting that it sounds like the English word "machine" though.


I find it interesting to identify which words in the Ukrainian lexicon are more similar to Polish and which are more like Russian. Here, машина is more like the Russian машина than the Polish "samochód," but будинок for building is much closer to Polish "budynek" than it is the Russian здание.


Why moя instead of моє


it must match the gender of the noun. моя is feminine, моє is neuter, and мій is masculine. Машина is feminine, so you must use моя


Машина by itself will almost always mean car


моя машина? мої машини?


I put my car, and Duolingo put incorrect?????????

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