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  5. "Ви любите театр?"

"Ви любите театр?"

Translation:Do you like theatre?

May 25, 2015



Historically there was "e" as in the thirties the Soviets conducted reform spelling rules to bring the Ukrainian language to Russian rules. Previously, it was "center", "teater" and so on. Like in English. Now "e" is really pronounced, but not written. There were several attempts to change Soviet spelling, but they failed.


In all honesty I have heard about such spelling and there are no such words in the "Register of repressed words" (Реєстр репресованих слів). Do you know where I can read more about it?


My information was heard on lectures on historical linguistics. However, now I managed to find only the text of spelling norms in edition of 1928, which specifies the use of the "-ер" in the words assimilated long ago - "маґістер, міністер, циліндер" etc. but "-p" in new loanwords.  In particular - "театр, центр". http://r2u.org.ua/node/181 http://r2u.org.ua/node/245

So perhaps that my information is unreliable. In this case, I apologize.


At least we can say that pronunciation through the "-er" is historical, as the spelling norm indicates preserve this rule for old words. I also met a use of "-er" in books printed in the Diaspora, but now I do not have at hand the sample.

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