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  5. "Are these your students?"

"Are these your students?"

Translation:Це ваші студенти?

May 25, 2015


[deactivated user]

    How come you can't use 'Є' here if it means there is/there are?


    This isn't a there is/there are sentence.

    [deactivated user]

      I thought it could be used for both singular and plural. My bad, lol.


      It is, but in sentences where existence or presense of something is stated ("There are new students in our group"). Also, in the possession structure ("У мене є").

      (the last is, probably, even more important for Russian because—let a native speaker of Ukranian correct me—the Ukranian language has the verb мати, too, while Rusian иметь is hardly ever used for "to have" outside formal style and set structures)


      Both "Я маю" and "У мене є" are two absolutely correct variants, but "Я маю" is considered more traditional


      Thanks! I just wanted to check that in Ukranian «Я маю» would sound more or less OK.


      Why is Ці not accepted since we're talking about more than one student?


      This is my take on it. [I've only recently started learning Ukrainian, so please be wary, and seek further confirmation from more experienced learners!]

      Це doesn't change when used as a subject, as it is here.

      See --

      "What/who are these [things]?" "Are these [things] your students?" "These [things] are - my students/books/trees/etc...." This/these is the subject here, not "students".

      Compare with "ці студенти їдять мед [apologies, my vocabulary is still very limited!]", where the students are the subject, and ці is describing them -- these students -- as opposed to those students, perhaps -- eat honey.

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