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  5. "Це коштує дуже дорого."

"Це коштує дуже дорого."

Translation:It costs very much.

May 25, 2015



Would "This costs too much." be an incorrect translation? Дякую.


too much = надто (Це коштує надто дорого) meaning that price is too high for you to buy it or you can't justify bying it


What about it/this costs very much?


Is it really what people really say in English? I believe it should be "it costs too much" or "it costs a lot"


You have a good point. I think "it costs too much" means a different thing but "it costs a lot" has the same meaning as "it is very expensive". Also it costs a lot sounds so much better than it costs very much (what was I thinking :D). Do you know if це can mean both "it is" as well as "this is"? I noticed that sometimes it is translated as "it" and sometimes "this". Does it somehow depend on the sentence?


Yes, це can mean either "it": Це кіт (It is cat), or "this" with the neuter nouns: Це місто (This city)


The literal translation would be "It costs too expensive" but you can't say that in English! That's why both options should be acceptable: "it costs too much" and "it is too expensive".


But it means it is very expensive, not too expensive. They mean different things, one where you possibly could buy it and one where you couldn't.


I believe "це дуже дорого" in Ukranian has a connotation of "that is way too expensive". Correct me if I'm wrong.


I don't think that a thing that is "дуже дорога" actually costs more than something that is "very expensive" :)

I would sometimes buy sth that is "дуже дороге", "надто дороге" I would never buy


це літературні тонкощі. в реальній українській розмовній мові один і другий варіант використовується в значенні "дуже і занадто дорого" і не залежить від того буде купляти хтось щось чи не буде. Можна купити і "надто дороге", якщо "дуже хочеться")))))


IMHO є суттєва різниця:
It costs too much -Це коштує занадто дорого, річ того не варта, або в мене немає достатньо грошей щоб купити її .
It's very expensive -Це коштує дуже дорого, але можливо річ того варта і також можливо я маю достатньо грошей щоб купити її.


'It costs very much' will be understood by a native speaker but never used. 'It costs a lot' is the nearest translation, but 'It is expensive' would be the most commonly used expression.

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