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  5. "Сім'я без батька"

"Сім'я без батька"

Translation:A family without a father

May 25, 2015



Is there a native English speaker on the Ukrainian dev team? I'm noticing a lot of trouble with the articles, something I imagine the Russian and Polish teams will also have. Well, this is what beta is for, right? :)


The Russian course is sure to have some of these issues (apart from occasional weird wording), however, we have a few native speakers on the team. Besides, I am quite good with my articles—at least, for the most typical sentence structures :).


I don't think there are any :')

Currently there are like four contributors and I think none of us are. And there are 300k learners. That's an issue :)

I'm rummaging comments and reports in search of complaints about wrong and/or unnatural English, and trying to fix the sentences :')

Learned so much xD


Дуже сумний!


Дуже сумно!



So in Ukrainian do people say 'a family without a father' where in English we would say 'a single parent family'?


In Ukraine we say "неповна сім'я" або "неповна родина".


Is "без ба́тька" is right? (about accent or stress)

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