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  5. "Kvinnen drikker vann."

"Kvinnen drikker vann."

Translation:The woman is drinking water.

May 25, 2015



Is it common/correct for the -nnen cluster in mannen and kvinnen to be pronounced like an elongated -n?

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In Eastern Norwegian dialect, yes.


I have some hearing troubles and it sounds to me that Kvinnen is pronounced TRINN... could someone provide me the correct pronunciation in written form?


Kvinnen should be pronounced /²kʋɪn.n(ə)n/. The schwa (uh-sound) in the last syllable is optional, so the recording is more like "kvinnn", with a little push on the n sound.

You might be misinterpreting the kv sound because it's foreign, but you literally just say k and v next to each without a vowel like you would the tr in "trill" or the cl in "clang". Practice saying it a bit or listening to other recordings. Kv. Kv. Kvinnen.



Would I be able to use "Kvinna" rather than "Kvinnen" in this case, or is there a reason not to?


"Kvinna" works as well.

The choice between the two is largely dialect dependent, and "kvinnen" would be the more common one for the kind of Eastern dialect imitated by the TTS here.


Great, cheers, I just wanted to check as "kvinna" wasn't accepted when I tried it.


Ah, I see. It's accepted on our end, but there might have been a glitch. :)


I see you are from Norway (from your profile). I need help with pronunciation with a few words (even though it is not the whole word)

Words such as; mannen (the ending is causing me problems) (can I pronounce how it said it Swedish, which is "man-nen", and still be understood by a Norwegian)

jenter and gutter (once again, it is the ending) Is "jenter" pronounced "yentah" (just like "jente")

gutter - Is it pronounced "guttah"?

[deactivated user]

    The correct IPA pronunciations are /ˈmɑnːən/ and /ˈmɑnːɛn/, but native speakers shorten or throw away the ə and prolong the n sound to differentiate it from mann where n stops rather abruptly.

    There is a very slight difference in pronunciation when a native speaker is pronouncing these specific words. Kvinne is pronounced as /kʋɪnə/, while kvinnen is pronounced as /kʋɪnən/.

    Hover over each individual word to hear it more clearly and use the turtle button in listening exercises. On the discussion page, you can also click the word itself to isolate it from the rest of the sentence (Duolingo will take you to the dictionary page).

    When the ə (Wikipedia article) sound isn't enunciated clearly, two n sounds sort of merge and are prolonged.

    While practising at home, replace it with a more defined e sound and give yourself time so your ears can get accustomed to the almost unnoticeable ə between the n sounds.

    Compare these Forvo pronunciations of en mann, mannen and kvinnen.

    Gutter and jenter are pronounced /ɡʉtːɛɾ/ and /jɛntɛɾ/, respectively. The final sound is the alveolar flap, i.e., single rolled r which means there is a strong "r" at the end of both words and not just "-ah". Follow the two links (1 and 2) to hear these two plural forms pronounced on Forvo.

    Click here for the guide on IPA symbols.


    Hi Guys, Could pls just confirm whether am I right or not. We use kvinnen for " the woman" expression, kvinne simply means female or woman and kvinnen is the plural form of kvinne. I have seen kvinnene as well. Can somebody also explain when do we use this form of the word?


    I think kvinner is the plural of kvinne (woman)! Jenter, gutter. R on the end is plural :) And you're right about kvinnen being an elision for 'the woman'.


    Thank you! Some days and lessons later it cleared up as well :)


    Hi,I am a person wanting to learn new languages but I struggle to pick up words because of my severe hearing loss. Would it be possible to give the sentence and have it written so I can understand?


    what you mean? You can read normally


    There are some that are audio only.


    I believe this can be adjusted in your profile settings. Turn off listening exercises :)


    My translation of kvinnen drikker vann is corrt but not accepted. It is the same as the red answer but wont accept it

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