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  5. "У вас є вода з газом?"

"У вас є вода з газом?"

Translation:Do you have sparkling water?

May 25, 2015



Gas in the US is also short for gasoline, a terrible thing in water for people


What is water with gas??


Sparkling water, I know it's confusing if you speak American English but just remember that gasoline in Ukrainian is бензин.


It's like Spanish where sparkling water is called "Agua con gas".


Fizzy water is a horrible choice of translation. It should be "carbonated water" in English. It's made by adding carbon dioxide gas into the water under pressure.


You're right that in British English it's "carbonated water" when made in this way. But we would call water which is naturally carbonated in the rock bed "sparkling water". But I'm not sure if Ukranian language makes the same distinction.


Would "mineral" water be considered ok for "water with gas"? I mean, it's either carbonated or mineral, I've never seen anyone refer to it as "water with gas", so I presume that part is there for learning (translation comparison) purposes only.


The correct translation for a British English speaker would be sparkling water, however carbonated water would be appropriate. Mineral water refers to the actual mineral content of the water rather than whether or not the water is carbonated.


I think you can use the adjectives 'газована' (with gas) and 'негазована' (without gas)? At least they're the common terms in Russian (газированная / негазированная).


Mineral and Carbonated water are different, but I know that in a lot of Europe they use carbonated (with gas) to refer to mineral water.


As far as I know all (almost all?) bottled water in Ukraine is mineral. It can be either carbonated or still


don't let the haters get you down, we call it fizzy water, too


What kind of sentence is this? Who would say such things in English, really?!?


In Ukraine and really all of Europe, carbonated water/sparkling water/water with gas is given as an option besides water "without gas". If you want regular water you must specify it or you will get carbonated water. So, this sentence would be used to talk to a waiter, or a shopkeeper, asking if they have sparkling water or water with gas to drink.


I have used this sentence in English, Spanish, and Ukranian ;)


In Ukraine said ГАЗОВАНА ВОДА


I second the thought that both "gas water" and "water with gas" are horrible translations, although I've heard it said hundreds of times by Americans living in Ukraine (in Germany they call it 'bubble water'). The best translation is "Do you have carbonated water", but I decided to give "Do you have water with carbonation" a try, which also failed. The question is just a nightmare for this type of program.


I asked for water with bubbles and Duolingo did not understand me. She reported me wrong.


Nobody calls it water with bubbles in English. It's carbonated water, sparkling water, soda water, or club soda.

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