"Ela foi um pouco incisiva."

Translation:She was a bit sharp.

September 27, 2013

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The word is translated as "incisive" in the mouse-over tip but is translated as "aggressive" in the text; these words mean completely different things in English! Does the translation of "incisiva" depend on the context or is there a mistake here?


One dictionary I looked at defined the adjectives incisivo/a as:

1 incisive, cutting. 2 sharp, keen. 3 fig a) decisive, conclusive. b) efficient. c) precise, acute (style of speech or writing).

It doesn't mention "aggressive" although "sharp" and "cutting" could be thought of as mildly aggressive sometimes.


Thank you for the informative reply. It looks like the answer has just been changed to "She was a bit sharp" which is a better translation.

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