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"We are eating dinner on the square."

Translation:Vi spiser aftensmad på torvet.

May 25, 2015



Current suggested translation is: "We are eating dinner on the square."

Is "on the square" used in British English?
I'm pretty sure in North American English it can only be "in the square".
"On the square" would either mean you're eating honestly (not sure what that would mean exactly) or one of these is on the ground and you are eating on top of it:

I may be wrong though. I've only rarely had to use "square" or "market square" in conversation, and the only time I can see someone saying "on the square" is when it is included in the name of a fancy shmancy restaurant or gallery. E.g. "Frederique's On The Square".


"On the square" and "in the square" are both acceptable in English. I live in Washington, DC, and it's similar to the way there are "marches on the (National) Mall," or if you were eating lunch "on the Mall."


Native English speaker here, from the Northeast of the US: I don't find this usage strange (just casting vote)


why is i write middag inted of aftensmad is considered wrong ?, in and previous sample tough it the same ?


dinner = middag, middagsmad, aftensmad, frokost, diner supper = aftensmad Normally we say dinner is frokost and supper is aftensmad

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